Author Kira Johns

Dear Readers,

Writing is my escape, just as reading is. When I read a good book, I become a part of it - the sights, the sounds, every aspect of the book. Twists and turns, raw emotion and pure lust. 

When I began writing the Satan's Rebels MC Series, it was just another project. Something to pass time and let the creative juices flow. With a little push from the people closest to me, I uploaded Book One in the series and crossed my fingers. I never expected the reception I received and before long, I was publishing Books Two and Three. 

So who is Kira Johns? I was born and raised in the southeastern part of the United States. During the day, I work as a Paralegal in the Criminal Defense field. I also have a background in law enforcement and spent many years prior to that tending bar. Now I am married to a wonderful man who is extremely supportive of me and my writing ventures and together we have two great kids that are the center of our universe, as well as my own personal zoo - a dog, four birds, a chinchilla, Bearded Dragon, Albino California King Snake, a ferret and a hedgehog, we have quite a collection.

When I'm not working or writing, I enjoy spending my free time in the great outdoors. The beach, the mountains - it doesn't matter as long as their are sights to be seen, whether on the back of a motorcycle or on a boat. Competition shooting is our other passion, with the entire family joining in.

As always, I love to interact with my readers. Shoot me an email at or friend me on Facebook. And don't forget to like my Facebook Author Page